Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sloth-cute or lazy animal?

Do you know how a sloth looks like? For the rest of my life (oh, it is not Maher Zain song btw) it is my first time knowing the existence of sloth. I knew about this animal when i watched National Geographic past few days ago.

Sloth is a small animal which is the world's slowest mammal. It only 58 cm in size and the weight of this animal is around 4 kg.

Do you think sloth is a lazy animal when you look at their face? Or do you think it is a cute animal? For me, it is a cute yet a lazy animal. hahaha

Err do you think when there is a race between sloth and tortoise which one is the winner? When you know the answer just let us know! ^_^

Let us watch some video of sloth! Have fun!