Monday, May 16, 2011

Red Panda

Hi! After a long time, i did not update this blog!

Today, i wanna share some interesting facts about one weird animal that i think it is very cute!
Red Panda, it is also known as Ailurus fulgens or shining-cat. This Red Panda can be found at China, Nepal, Laos, India, Myanmar and Himalaya. The common habitat for Red Panda is damp coniferous forest. What do they eat? Well, Red Panda eat bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots. Sometimes, it eats small mammals, birds, eggs, blossoms, and berries. In captivity, they were observed to eat birds, blossoms, Acer and Morus leaves, bark and the fruits of Acer, Fagus and Moru (this is based on this source)

The interesting facts about Red Panda:
-good tree climbers
-use their tail as blanket
-life span is about 12 to 14 years
-it is about the size of a raccoon
-its weight is about 7 to 14 pounds
-they are about 20 to 26 inches long with their tail an additional 12 to 20 inches

Why does people give it name Red Panda? Maybe because the colour of it fur is reddish-brown.

Lets take a look of little cute Red Panda!

It is smiling!

Oh dear! It is so cute!

It also can stand by itself!

Here, i would like to share one video about Red Panda.

What do you say? It is very cute right? I want to own it! :)

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