Sunday, April 4, 2010


Usually, when the youngest learn alphabet A-Z, they always thought that Z is for 'zebra'. Do you know why? I am a little bit suspicious also. Just ignore it =)

What you should know about zebra?
-Zebra belongs to Equidae family, the family of horse.
-They can live for 40 years in captivity.
-predators : lion, hyenas, hunting dogs, leopards and cheetahs.
-There are three types of zebras which is two in East Africa and one in South Africa.
East Africa:
-Burchell's zebra also known as plain or common zebras
-Grevy's zebra
South Africa:
-Equus zebra (the mountain zebra)

Zebra live in family groups. When one zebra being attacked by their enemies, the other zebras will face the predators and watch it. They are ready to bite and attack the predators. If one of the family members injured, the rest will encircle it to protect the zebra from being attack again.

There are no two or more people have identical fingerprints. Even they are twins or siblings, the fingerprints will not in the same shape. This cases was similar with the unique stripes pattern on zebras body. No zebras has exactly the same stripes.

Some interesting facts about zebras:
- the Grevy's zebra named after former French president, Jules Grévy who was in power from 1879 until 1887.
- zebras can recognized the other zebras due to the different stripes patterns on their bodies.
- mountain zebras, the expert climbers, take a dust bath almost on a daily basis.
-the zebras coat are very shiny which helps reflect the heat of the sun off them.

Take some times to think about this statements:

Does the white stripes on black or black stripes on white? Or should i ask what is the actual background color of zebra body? Is it white or black? Think about it =)


kenwooi said...

zebras.. thanks for sharing.. reminds me of zebra crossing =)

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the best fighter that have black belt in karate..
"Just kidding"