Friday, April 30, 2010


What is the first vision about alien that will came across your mind when i said about alien? Big Eyes? Green? Skinny? Naked? Well I guess that common characteristics about them anyway (even there is no solid prove at all). Do you guys have seen E.T.(1982) movie by Steven Spielberg. If u don't...*sigh*.

The world smallest monkey, TARSIER (Genus Tarsius). Characteristics? Alien look a like!! Except it came from earth. Their faces are short, and the eyes, are LARGE AND GOGGLING!! They have long legs and tail, short bodies,and a very flexible neck that can turn 360 degrees? With its huge eyes, long tail, and hands and feet, that must have inspired Steven Spielberg when he created ET.

"Come and see real E.T. found only in Philippines"
-Steven Spielberg

This mammal is like 24/7 on tree even while sleeping and giving birth to the young ones. Main food, insect. This animal not exactly a monkey, scientist still don't know how to class this species. This cute and unique species, can only be found on Philippines, Celebes, BORNEO (proud to be SARAWAK people) and Sumatra.
As usual, this species are threatened and endangered species. This animal never formed successful breeding colonies in captivity. Why? Well, tarsier have been known to injure and even kill themselves because of the stress. Never seen it before? Never know about it? Well u know it now.

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Kelvin said...

They really look like one XD

sah90 said...

Make me remember movies Alien vs Predator..:P

aimy said...

ya, it is so weird :P